Trustworthy Company
Trustworthy Company

24340 Stara Moravica, Serbia

Kudeljarska 29

tel 381(0)24-741-480; 381(0)63-565-612


PIB 101445056

Gmap SAVA szr Stara Moravica

galvanization - electroplating process

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SZR SAVA started its work on September 1994 in modest conditions. Today it has been working in the working space of 500m². It owns and is planning its development on 10000m².

Our basic activity is galvanization protection of metal products, corrosive and decorative protection. With galvanizing process of depositing noble metals on less noble metals, high quality and steady corrosive protection is got and at the same time decorative surface.

From all the galvanic processes we use, we have the following: coppering, brassing, bright nickel - plating, bright brassing, black nickel - plating, decorative gilding, hard and decorative silver - plating as well as copper and brass coating. We are capable to include other technologies depending on industry and construction needs. We do protection on tiny objects, 700mm long, 400mm high and 200mm wide.

We offer services to electrical industry - decorative and functional shackles for furniture, shoemaking, church programmes, rewards for sport competitions, ornaments and others.

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working space
exhaust water cleaner
view from the street